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ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES! I was pressured & tricked into signing a contract on the day of my first trial.

Promised that there would be classes all day long. NOPE!! Times are To early for people with kids leaving for school. Then times to late in morning for people who actually work.

Large gap in the afternoon where there are NO classes at all. Then evening but that does not work for me either. Paying $125/month to not go at all. Trying to get out of contract.

They say the do not terminate contracts. Had to go to my bank & cancel my debit card used for monthly bill. Just let them send me to a collection agency. They will never see another dime.


Many other lies told as well. BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ilovekickboxing Classes.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Business ethics, Customer service, Contract violations.

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The studio in Boardman Ohio suddenly closed and now corporate refuses to get back to me and the manager claims he to too broke to give refunds. I lost a lot of money to these scammers!!!


I went to my bank and canceled my debit card as well. But does it go to your collection?

I am worried about that..

Also tried many times to cancel my membership but didn’t work.


I worked there for free to become an instructor and everyone was very clicky/ dissociated with me when I decided to leave. Lost a lot of money and time.

You are taught how to sell....

teaching the classes / safety is really a low priority. Don’t be fooled by their happy faces.


I do like going, but i feel the same way about the pressure my first class. They dont give you time to decide if you like the classes, i dont feel one class is enough to really know if this is something you want to commit to. The price is over the top, glad it was a gift.


"I felt pressured to sign up on my first trial class, "

"I was pressured "

How were you pressured to do anything? Did they threaten to whoop your head if you didn't sign the @## paper?

If that didn't happen you fell for a sales pitch, not pressure.

Grow up and accept responsibility for your own actions.

Read What You Sign Make Sure It Works For You If It Doesn't Don't Sign

to Anonymous #1425093

you can only get the discounts if you sign up the first time, some of us need the discounts. We dont have all the money you have.

I dont think its about responsibility, its about what you can afford. You only find out the cost after the first class.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1243296

I'm going through the exact thing. I felt pressured to sign up on my first trial class, telling me this offer to get a 7 mo at $150 mo and 12 mo for $125 month won't be available after my first class.

I told him that was a lot of money per month and not being able to go most of there times listed being I work FT and have evening children activities.

Apparently I can't cancel now and never got to read the agreement! It's a great workout but feel I was pressured!!

to Anonymous Tacoma, Washington, United States #1250098

I'm not in Maryland, but I'm in Washington state and the same thing happened to me. My year contract just ended and they NEVER ONCE told me I had to physically cancel my year contract, or it would renew automatically, which it did.

I am not stuck paying $140 a month (price went up, which they never explained to me why) for another year. It is TERRIBLE. I was just going to stick with my original ten classes, but they pressured me into a contract. ALSO, I never got a copy of my contract.

I've already went to BBB and filed a complaint. They can't scam people like this. The workout is great, and I can tell they have a passion for their job, but they need to be clear about things, and realize people's financial situation changes all the time. This happened to my sister too, and we are actually taking legal action to see if there is anything we can do.



to Ashley Silverdale, Washington, United States #1334306

Im in Washington State and I just got out of my contract for these exact reasons. Ive got a child who has things that she wants to do and 140 a month is just way too much to pay.

If you email ilkbbillingmanager@gmail.com and tell them you are not longer able to pay for it they should cancel it. I was not playing around though. At first they told me they weren't going to cancel and that was not a good enough answer for me. I also called headquarters because I am not going to keep paying for it.

They finally cancelled. I really hope that this helps someone else. Another option is to go to your doctor and have them write up a note of some kind and then they LEGALLY have to let you out of it.

Please people read the reviews before you sign up or they will get you. I hope this helps at least one person.

to Anonymous #1448126

I wrote and called to cancel the enrollment I had signed my son up for because he moved out of the country. They sent an automatic letter stating I would have to pay a $195 cancellation fee PLUS another month's fee.

None of that was in the enrollment form that I signed, which I noted to them. But they are ignoring and claiming it is a legal agreement. They have no standing but I hate that they can try to go to collections, even though they have no legal grounds. Plus, our original visit was through Groupon, with a 3 visit pass.

They snaked their way through that and then did not even honor the Groupon. Makes a very bad name for Groupon.

to Anonymous #1502504

Hello sorry just seen your post I am lookingbyo cancel my membership due to being a single parent the price is a bit much to afford was looking to cancel I was just curious if they allowed you to cancel because I don't wanna just stop paying and it goes on my credit. Was going to follow you steps

to Ashley Newport News, Virginia, United States #1355681

I am in Newport News, Virginia, and had the same horrific experience. I had to cancel due to medical reasons, and I obtained a doctor's note, as I was instructed.

After emailing and calling ad nauseum, I was finally lucky enough to catch the manager, after leaving COUNTLESS messages and emails that were never returned. She said that she cancelled my membership, but lo and behold, the next month, the money was taken from my account, resulting in an overdraft in my account. I called and called and called and no one ever called me back to discuss this issue. I did the same thing.

I went to my banking institution and canceled the card with which I activated my membership, and left it at that. I received a text today to ask where the payment was that I owed. HA! I won't ever pay that crooked organization another dime.

I, too, contacted the BBB and relayed this whole situation to them. I cannot BELIEVE that this business is allowed to stay in up and running with these shoddy business practices and horrendous customer service.

I am beyond frustrated and enraged about this whole situation. I would HIGHLY suggest no one adding to their scamming business.

to Anonymous #1506091

I am at the Newport News location and need to cancel. Theybeitger don't respond or send an automated message.

to Ashley #1505547

You really need to file a complaint with the CFPB... that's who can actually impose punishments on this business.

The business practices that they have are against the law and that's where the CFPB comes in...

but they have to know about it. You only have 180 days to file.

to Anonymous #1373005

I am in the same boat. However my location is in AZ.

I tried to cancel the membership. I was told I can only cancel if I am moving or their is something wrong medically.

This place is scandalous. Had I know the company was like this, I was better off joining a gym with classes.

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